Beijing Anbesec Technology Co., Ltd. and Furd Fire Control Technology Group have established a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship


In October 2020, Beijing Anbesec Technology Co.,Ltd reached a strategic cooperative relationship with Furd Fire Control Technology Group and received the plaque of "Overseas Business Service Center", which became the only foreign trade center authorized by Furd Fire Technology Group which can provide clients with cost-effective high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system made in China in a long-term and stable way.

By using water as the fire-fighting medium, high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system uses a special atomizing nozzle to generate fine water droplets to extinguish the fire under a specific pressure (10MPa). It has the characteristics of high efficiency, economy and wide applications. It is considered as an important technology to replace halon fire extinguishing system and has a wide application prospect.

Post time: Dec-16-2020

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