In November 2019, Beijing Anbesec Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the Securex Uzbekistan 2019, 11th International Exhibition on Safety, Security and Fire Protection.

Securex Uzbekistan is held annually at the Tashkent Exhibition Centre of Uzbekistan with the support of the Fire Protection Administration and the Ministry of The Interior of Uzbekistan.

The exhibitors came from 20 countries, with an exhibition area of 6,200 square meters. The main exhibits include fire-fighting equipment and materials: fire trucks, fire pumps, fire detection and alarm systems, fire pipe valves, sprinklers/hose, fire extinguishers/agents, firefighters’ personal equipment and other fire products.

The heat detector series of fire alarm products exhibited by Anbesec Technology Co., Ltd. at the exhibition aroused great interest from the leaders of the local fire department. They stayed in our Booth for further understanding and recorded. (The picture shows the exhibition site)

The exhibitors came from 20 countries, including more than 4220 professionals, with an exhibition area of 6,200 square meters. Securex Uzbekistan is the only exhibition in Uzbekistan that covers all areas of security. The exhibition has high-level exhibitors and is strongly supported by the government of the country. It is a professional exhibition that has reached the international level. The theme of Securex Uzbekistan is the development of the public safety system and the further development of interaction between producers and consumers, potential distributors and professionals in the security industry.


Post time: Jan-11-2021

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